Welcome to

R3M State

R3M State is a human design consultancy based in London that aims to shape a better
way in which we create the human experience.

The Future is Human

We incorporate multiple design disciplines and thinking into our approach and design for the betterment of humanity as opposed to take a service only approach. We believe that the future is human and we advocate for a holistic, intuitive, approach when problem solving for clients.


Whether that be in the workplace or in our daily lives. We work with all clients and use their value set to design, build and streamline processes, services and products that ensure they get closer to a more human, realistic experience that is future proof.

Harmony With Human Nature

R3M State focuses on designing and creating a realistic future landscape for businesses. Our lens of choice is safeguarding the essence of what it means to be human, which means taking into consideration how humans ACTUALLY behave vs WHAT WE THINK they do.


We take a particular interest in mental health and wellbeing, creating plans and implementing actions that work in harmony with human nature. We believe that the world we live in is a little broken, designed in a hurry and not future proof, despite our persistent effort to make it so.

The voice of truth, no matter how difficult it is to hear

Mindful, holistic problem solvers that adopt an esoteric approach

Unique unreplicable solutions that are intuitive vs responsive

Specialised set of skills that are brought in when required which just work

Bespoke approach, always