Brand Strategy/Evolution


Every business needs to ensure that their brand aligns with their business goals. Every business decision should evolve out of the brand strategy and what you as a business consider your vision and purpose.

Product Description

Every business needs to understand their brand compass and how this helps inform their business decisions.

If you have a brand but you’re not quite sure
– why it is what it is
– what your brand purpose is
– how your brand is integral and should tie into every business decision
– how to do a brand litmus test

Then this package is definitely something to consider.

Why should you have a brand identity?
In this era of online business, there are literally MILLIONS of alternatives online. It can be hugely overwhelming to stand out and at the core, in order to be successful you need to understand who you are as a business and why you do what you do.

So, if you can’t answer these questions in a simple manner, if you lack confidence or if you simply don’t know where to start, we’ve got you!

This package involves:

  • Introduction and Chemistry session (1hr)
  • Brand ideation workshop or Brand Evolution workshop (2 hrs)
  • Brand Litmus test
  • Brand Wallet Strategy

This package involves face – time requirements with you as the business. You will also be expected to answer questions and complete exercises. We will be working together and I will take you on a journey as to how we arrive at our destination and why we make certain decisions, as well as their importance for your brand.

Usually this package takes 2 weeks however this is subject to change due to demand.



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