Business Blueprint


A business blueprint is a plan of your business on ONE page, yes ONE page. If you cannot explain to someone else how your business operates, what revenue you generate or what you do, you simply don’t really know what your plan is. You can move in any direction but how about you define that direction for your business and move towards your goals.

Product Description

A business blueprint is a concise one pager that allows you to understand your business or anyone else for that matter within 15 minutes. It contains all the high level information you need including financials, customers, competitors, vision, brand and sales that you can carry with you and update at any time.

It should also be your go when you make business decisions and be updated frequently.

If you don’t have one, you really need one because anyone can move in a direction but is it the right direction?

This package includes:

  • An introductory session (basically we talk about everything to do with your business) for 1hr
  • Q & A follow up (this is where we at REMSTATE ask a lot of questions after we receive the information about your business)
  • Research and Analysis
  • Blueprint workshop (2hrs)
  • Blueprint output



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