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We enjoy the flexibility of engaging with experts in different fields depending on your needs and are proud to say we’ve become pretty good at a few things.

Product Description

If you’re interested in the METAVERSE or WEB3.0, well you should be! This is the next evolution in the digital journey that we call the world wide web and it’s recommended that you understand what this may mean for your business in terms of:

  • Opportunities
  • Potential issues
  • Upgrade requirements
  • New industries and ways of doing business
  • New methods of customer interaction

We provide you with a tailored WEB 3.0 course that helps you familiarise yourself with what this new space actually looks like and what this actually means for your business.

The Course includes:

  • A course introduction to the METAVERSE and WEB3.0 as we know it
  • A quick review of your business
  • What potential changes mean for YOUR business
  •  3 recommendations for your business to consider implementing

Usually this session takes 4 hours and involves one-on-one sessions, workshop and exercises.

If you haven’t already gone through the WEB 2.0 REVIEW we recommend that you do this prior to commencing planning for WEB 3.0

We will provide an in-depth report including analytics on the following areas of your online presence so that you can upgrade your services. Specifically we will look at your:

  • Website
  • Social Media portfolio
  • E-commerce platform
  • Google Analytics
  • SEM/SEO Strategy

Then we’ll delve deeper:

  • Discuss
  • Dissect
  • Determine a plan of action

Which will lead us to:

  • Remedying the issues
  • Resolving the cracks or gaps
  • Returning your business online presence to an optimised state

Usually this takes 1 week to complete from start to finish.


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