Web 2.0 Performance Review


Having a great customer experience online is paramount. Get a quick website review and report that analyses your web performance easily and use these to optimise your website.

Product Description

Do you feel like your website isn’t performing as well as it should? Website Performance is critical to ensuring you have an online presence, now let me break it down for you. A website presence ONLY means that you are performing at a level where you are seen and actively attracting attention.

In order to be noticed by your customers you also need to be noticed by Google so that your site is adequately displayed and ranked when your customers search for you or related topics that may be found on your website.

Right now we’re in the digital shift between web 2.0 and web 3.0. It’s really important to ensure that your online eco system is running smoothly, well optimised and equipped with the tools to ensure that your presence is visible, the customer experience is at it’s peak and conversions are painless.

To do this we need to review the basics of what your customer experiences when they search for and arrive at your online residence. If it’s not easy and painless, rest assured they will leave and well, that’s not what we want. What is ideal, is that customers stay and browse your site and more importantly make contact. With some help, we can make this process more streamlined and easy for your customer and for you to manage.

We will provide an in-depth report including analytics on the following areas of your web performance and presence:

  • Website performance review
  • Social Media portfolio
  • E-commerce platform
  • Google Analytics
  • SEM/SEO Strategy

Then we’ll:

  • Discuss what is actually going on
  • Dissect the most important aspects and prioritise these
  • Determine a plan of action

Which will lead to:

  • Remedying the issues
  • Resolving the cracks or gaps
  • Returning your business online presence to an optimised state

Usually this takes 1 week to complete from start to finish.


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